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Conserving building materials

Affordable, eco-friendly and durable products to protect building materials against water and damp related problems – for companies and for the do-it-yourselfer!

We specialize in the preservation of building materials and develop formulas for the sustainable conservation of stone, concrete, steel and wood materials. In addition we require that our products do not harm the environment in any way. We are proud to state that all our products are up to 100% people- and environmentally friendly.

Ecoform Europe

Ecoform Europe Woodcon

Make wood water repellent.

With Woodcon you can make your wood-surface waterproof and water repellent. It also helps stop fungus, algae and moss growth.

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Ecoform Europe Oppercon

Make bricks and stones water repellent.

Do-it-yourself! You can easily waterproof your facade, paving stone, balcony, walls – and more – with Oppercon.

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Ecoform Europe Permacon

Make concrete liquid- and waterproof.

Permacon makes concrete permanently waterproof, it stops rising water, prevents carbonation and keeps concrete free from algae and moss.

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Ecoform Europe Cementmix

Make cement waterproof.

Cementmix makes concrete and cement waterproof, protecting the rebar. It replaces water in the mixing process of concrete or cement.

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Ecoform Europe Ferrocon

Remove rust and prime steel.

Ferrocon: rust remover and primer in one. It stops the rusting process, removes rust and primes old and new steel – with one simple application.

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Ecoform Europe Ecocal

Remove limescale.

With Ecocal you can remove limescale, salt stains, urine stone, salt efflorescence, nitric acid and oxidation stains on walls, bricks and facades.

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Ecoform Europe:
For the do-it-yourselfer and for projects worldwide

Below you find a selection of national and international projects, in which Ecoform Europe participated.

Our products are meant for the consumer (DIY) as well for business to business. The preservation of building materials and the prolonging of the durability of stone, concrete, steel and wooden building materials is our contribution to the environment. All our products are therefore up to a 100% people- and environmentally friendly.

Make your wood water repellent and your concrete permanently waterproof?
Clear your facade of limestone and remove rust from steel?

This – and more – is easy to do yourself with the products of Ecoform Europe!

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